Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Incy wincy spider woz here

I've been gadding around England over the past week, visiting gardens as though they were going out of fashion!  I've taken over 900 photographs, so now that I am home, I need to trawl through them to find the ones I like best.  Most will be binned!  There will be more of my grand tour over the next few days.

In the meantime, it's that time of year when humongous spiders come out of the woodwork and scuttle across the floor, lurk on the ceilings, and leap out from the folds in the curtains.  I brushed one off my shoulder in the middle of the night last night - sent it flying across the room, and it's not the first time I have done that in the last few weeks!  Everyone in this household is ridiculously scared of them.  Mr Gaucho grew up in the Argentine, so I suppose I can be a little forgiving of his dislike of any sized spider, because over there they are probably poisonous.  The great big things we are sharing our home with at the moment are known in this family as Basingstoke spiders.  Goodness knows why, but that's what I have always called them.  Anyway, I could do without them, but I don't like to hurt them and it's always me that ends up having to scoop them up in a cloth, and unceremoniously dump them out of the window.

The upside of spiders are their webs.  Wondrous works of art which, in the early morning, glisten with necklaces of tiny dewdrops.


  1. Beautiful spider web images I always enjoy seeing them on blogs at this time of year as it's only by getting the zoom out and getting up close that you can really see all their delicate detail. x

  2. Fantastic spider webs...wonderful jewels!
    In my she-shed I have a pet huntsman spider. I used to be terrified of them when I first moved to Oz, but now they are just part and parcel of life down under. As I was drinking my tea and reading the current issue of CL...he wiggled up a pot.
    Although I pretended to be relaxed, my left eye kept moving to keep him in sight.
    Then he was gone....who am I kidding about not caring...I jumped up and inspected under my chair, and around and found him lurking under a plastic bag I keep my books in (so they don't get damp)....I'm sure he winked at me before scuttling through the floor boards and away!!!!!! ;-}}}}}} xx