Sunday, 6 September 2015

To the hills again

A clear blue sky and bright sunshine meant that the Lammermuir Hills beckoned today.  The heather is still looking fabulous, but the flowers will start to fade in the next week or so.  My last visit with the walking group, the week before last, was very wet and grey, so I wanted to walk up there again, in the sunshine, with the heather in bloom.  

It was glorious.  I make no apology for lots of photos of purple heather.  This is Scotland, after all!
This photo is just about picking up the waves rolling in on to the beach at Belhaven.
I stood and looked around me.  There was not a soul in sight, just miles of grouse moor, the sun on my back, and a warm wind blowing across from Lammer Law - the hill in the far distance in the photo below.  You can just about see the cairn on the top.  We head up there when we do the mountain hare survey.
Apart from a few grouse, some birds I can't identify,  and a handful of bees there was no wildlife in evidence.  That doesn't mean to say there wasn't anyone there.  The mountain hares will be hunkered down in the heather somewhere.  There are lots of sheltered nooks and crannies the animals have made across the moor.
We drove home through the back roads.  The scenery was wonderful, and remote.  I felt as though I was on holiday, and it's all a few miles from home.  Aren't we lucky!


  1. What beautiful Photo's. Thank you for sharing them .

  2. Beautiful purple landscapes. I was on Dartmoor today and it was bright yellow as far as the eye could see. Groups of ponies stood dozing in the sunshine, swishing their tails and newly-shorn sheep grazed or slept amongst the beautiful scenery.

  3. Purple and yellow - complimentary colours! I love Dartmoor. I lived in Totnes for a year when I was 20. I've always loved Devon - time for another visit!

  4. Simply beautiful!
    My dad, who, was Scottish heritage (parents were from The Borders but he was born in India) wanted to call be Heather! He loved the colour, the stunning difference it made to the landscape and it reminded him of his beloved Scotland.
    Thank goodness my mum won out with the name....Sally! I don't think I could have ever lived up to Heather and its ability to change a landscape so considerably.
    I feel quite tearful looking at your photos..Scotland has a special place in my heart. Holidays and heather. It reminds me of my dad.
    Beautiful stunning photos.
    Thank you! x