Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Men at work!

We are used to farm vehicles zooming (and I mean zooming) up and down the drive, which is only a small lane, but today the world, in the guise of Scottish Power subcontractors, invaded our otherwise peaceful little corner of the world.  They came to replace the telegraph poles along the drive. That meant mayhem, and, of course, no power.  So Mr Gaucho and I took the train to Edinburgh and mooched around there for a while.  
There seemed to be the usual amount of hanging around, which is fairly typical of British men (and a few Europeans) at work.
The power is back on now, finally, but while the sun shone and there was no future in tackling the ironing etc, Tilly and I went to look for some blackberries.  I found a few, but they are not plentiful.  We walked around a field we hadn't visited before.  Half of it was uncultivated and when I see plants growing like this
I think I can see where the Dutch garden designer, Piet Oudolf, gets his inspiration from.  The image is a bit blurred, but I hope you can see my thought processes!
We passed lots of ethereal thistledown, which was eager to be on its way, as the wind blew across the fields.

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  1. Certainly can see the thought process! Am going to google Mr Oudolf...thank you!

    As for the rest...looks like an episode of Bob the Builder....I'm looking for Wendy, who must be organising the men mob! :-) x