Monday, 4 May 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

What a lot of visually stimulating stuff I've seen today, starting with my early morning walk with Tilly. We passed a delicate and picture-perfect crab apple tree, with its delightfully pretty blossom.
On the edge of the wood there are few white beam trees.  I love the soft grey-green colour of the underside of the young foliage, 
also the tender leaves of the young copper beech, my favourite tree.
Although it has been a bank holiday, my Monday morning art class took place, and today we had a series of pretty bowls to draw, using chalk pastels.  I love using pastels, chalk or oil.  The aim was to produce two drawings today, so we had them sitting side by side on the board. I always take photos of my drawings in progress. I can see more easily where things need attention, and once the drawing is finished, its fun to see how it has slowly emerged from the paper.
The end results, 
and this little bowl was my favourite bit of today's efforts!
After lunch Mr Gaucho and I drove down to The Stone Wall Gallery, near Duns, in the Borders.  We've been wanting to go there for a couple of years but always seem to get the timing wrong.  The gallery isn't open all the time, just for specific exhibitions.
What a great place!  A great gallery, in three parts, with a lovely courtyard garden with further outdoor exhibits.
There was quite a lot of work by a friend of ours, Andrea Geile, who works in metal.  We have a few of her pieces in our garden, and I would dearly love one of these flower balls but the price is way out of reach!  We will stick to our sweet pea supports, which are not only useful in the garden, but good to look at.  We hang our bird feeds from some of them.
The gallery runs art workshops.  I didn't realise that, so I will keep an eye for those in future!  
 A swallow keeping an eye other things!
In Gallery 2 there was a fantastic exhibition of work by Pauline Burbidge  and Charlie Poulson - see the link for more information about their work  We loved it!
The Stone Wall Gallery is part of a fabulous property in the Borders.  Overlooking the car park there is a tree house, which is definitely in a class of its own!
We took the scenic route home, through Coldingham, and along the coast before re-joining the A1. 
I thought that all the visual treats were over for today, until this evening.  Just as we sat down at the dining table, look who turned up to join us for dinner!
Woody moves so quickly it is hard to get a good photo, but here he is, hanging around on the peanut feeder.  He is a dazzling beautiful bird, with a jazzy colour scheme, and very business-like beak!
I am going to go to bed tonight with my head swirling with all these amazing things I have seen since I got up this morning!

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