Saturday, 2 May 2015

Need a good laugh?

There is absolutely no doubt that the very best coverage of all the stuff we need to hear, prior to the general election next Thursday, is here :

Dead Ringers, on Radio 4.  Don't miss it, especially if you are in need of a really good laugh - and let's face it, with all the other endless election drivel we are being subjected to, we need one!


  1. Beautiful photos as ever and it looked life a fabulous day out.
    I especially like your artwork and little pot.
    Woody is an exceptional bird!!
    Love your makes me happy - love xxxx

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    2. Lovely to hear from you here! I just realised this morning that you have obviously overcome the Gmail thingy! So happy you enjoy the blog! I enjoy it too. It's constantly rumbling around in my head and always there when we are out for walks, camera in one hand, dog lead in the other! Planning the next post heightens awareness to everything that is around me. What could be better! Love, as always. A x