Monday, 18 May 2015

Hare-um scarum

I make no apology for being completely besotted with the brown hare.  Every time Tilly and I step out of the strip of woodland along the drive, into the field, I stop and scan from left to right, just to see if there is anybody about.  I can now easily spot their brown rectangular shape, from a distance, as they hunker down in the crop.  

On Saturday evening, however, from the comfort of the sofa, I looked out of the window into the garden, and peering over the top of the lavender bushes, was a very handsome young hare.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  My excitement triggered an outburst of barking from Tilly, who also couldn't believe her luck when she spied the now dismayed creature, on her territory.  Tilly went nuts!  Of course, the hare took off across the lawn and away into the wood.  I have no idea how they get in or out of the garden, but that is not the first time we have been honoured by the presence of one of these fabulous creatures.

Early this morning, as Tilly and I stepped out of the garden for our walk, I could see a hare, hopping off down the drive.  Further down he/she was joined by two others.  The furthest one was very relaxed and washing itself!
Isn't this a handsome young chap!  Or chapess!
I was watching two hares, here on the edge of the field, and another loped into view ... and then there were three.
I saw about thirteen or fourteen hares in total this morning.  What an unbelievable way to start the day!  Needless to say, my enjoyment is equally matched by their discomfort when they realise we are close by.  They shoot off into the middle of the field, or away into the distance.  I always feel bad about that.  I wish they knew how much they are loved!


  1. They look very like a small wallaby from the back!
    Beautiful majestic creatures! 🐇🐇🐇

    1. Aren't they fabulous! I love the light in their eye - it just seems to be all-knowing! A x

  2. Amazing sights, it would be good to tell the difference between male and female as even the experts struggle! x

  3. They take my breathe away, every time I see one! I think there must have been quite a few young ones among the number I saw yesterday. They are quite magical! A x

  4. You are so lucky to see so many. I have never seen a hare in Australia...though we have plenty of rabbits! x