Thursday, 21 May 2015

Very close to home

Having so enjoyed someone else's garden last weekend, it occurred to me yesterday that I really should take a closer look at our own garden.  It seems that sometimes we can spend so much time working at something, we never stop to actually look at it.  So here we go - some things I found to enjoy very close to home.
The wild parts of the garden have little beauties which are just as lovely as the cultivated plants.  Actually, I probably prefer them!
This is Missy, my eldest granddaughter's young cat.  She's a little character, constantly prowling the garden and the wood.  Here, she is probably contemplating her next victim.
Looking out of the garden, into the wood, the leaves are still fresh and green.  The canopy has not yet become so dense that we cannot glimpse the field beyond.  In a few weeks, the leaves will have grown, and closed us in until the autumn.
 My single white violet plant gets bigger every year.  It's a little beauty.
Finally, a little collection from the garden, brought into the house.  The predominant colours at the moment are whites and shades of purple.  Lovely.

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