Sunday, 17 May 2015


Yesterday Mr Gaucho and I visited the gardens of Broadwoodside.  It is the most wonderful property, just outside Gifford.  There has been a settlement there since the 1500s, which ultimately fell into ruin.  In recent years it has been restored, and risen, like a phoenix, to become a magical place.  Have a look at the website, it has an interesting history.
Broadwoodside is a garden of rooms.  You move from one area to another, each with a very different feeling. There are quirky pieces of sculpture, artefacts and quotes.  It's all great fun, set amidst inspired planting, and glimpses of the Lammermuir Hills in the distance.  
There two resident Indian Runner ducks.  An entertaining pair, who popped up all over the place - and they can run!
When the sun shone, it was a very welcome bit of warmth.  The wind was cold, and strong.  The swallows were loving it - being thrown around above the courtyard garden, swooping down and around the buildings.  There were also a couple of yellow wagtails, hopping around on the pantiles, with their beaks stuffed with insects.
This huge tub of tulips was my favourite thing in the garden yesterday, their colours glowing like jewels.  


  1. Wow I love those tulips, such great pops of colour and your photography just keeps getting better showing us the close ups that we would normally miss with the naked eye. We're in full spring mode here and loving it. Sometimes Cornwall gets ahead of itself and I saw some 'red hot pokers' in bloom but otherwise it's the typical flowers for May which make me smile on every walk and drive.
    I could do with learning some names in the field so I'm envious of your identification days, at the moment I rely on memory and a beautifully illustrated Readers' Digest wild flowers and animals of the British Isles book. It's good to know that my daughter's primary school also takes outdoor learning seriously and regularly visits our local woods and copes. The other day her homework was to identify and draw five wild flowers - something I was very happy to help with!
    Happy May! Antonia x

    1. What a blessed relief to hear of children learning about wild flowers. I am a member of Plantlife, which is a brilliant wild plant charity, and at the members day last year, notable by their absence, were young people. There aren't nearly enough youngsters interested in botany, or just simply being able to recognise our lovely wild flowers. Keep 'em at it! And hooray for their school! A x

  2. Gardens with rooms make so much sense. Moving about like you are in a big outdoor home. Beautiful gardens, plants and weather.....and of course as per usual you have captured its quality in your photographs. Ideal Sunday activity. xxxx