Sunday, 31 May 2015


I have been choosing the photos for this blog over the last couple of days.  As I write now, I am listening to the current broadcast of Radio 3's lovely programme, Words and Music, which is exploring green (  Looking through my selection of photos, it occurs to me that green is the theme here too!  

I have been trying, for days, to get a good photo of a song thrush.  The recent rain has really encouraged them to come and peck around for the worms on the lawn, so I managed to get a snap of this beady eyed chap!
East Lothian's landscape is nothing if not varied.  The following five photographs are taken on the way to Haddington.  I take a slightly longer route than most, because I love this ridge, or maybe it's an escarpment?  Either way it is a strikingly different landscape, compared to the relatively rolling countryside around about it.
East Lothian has no less than 30 castles, in various states of ruin of course!  The one in the foreground of this photo is the 16th century Garleton Castle, with the Hopetoun Monument in the background.  
I went into Edinburgh on Friday, and here is one of the reasons why I love the city so much. The next two photos are taken a five minute walk from John Lewis!
and here is a lovely tangle of alexanders, on a steep, wooded slope above the Water of Leith, which runs about half a mile from Princes Street!  
This is the kind of city centre I like best!

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