Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bank Holiday weather - of course!

We parked the car and the heavens opened.  Not just rain, but hail too.  So we sat and waited for the weather to pass.  This was not what Tilly had in mind when she undertook to go for a walk this bank holiday Saturday morning!
We eventually set off.  The wind was cold and full of spits and spots of rain, but the trees provided some cover.
I don't normally include the cement kilns near Dunbar in my photos, but today the plume of steam looked very dramatic and I thought it would have been churlish to ignore it!
 The Lammermuir Hills were swathed in cloud and rain, but eventually it all cleared away and the light lifted.
The rest of our walk was fine and dry.  We walked along the beach, through some pine trees to my favourite beach at Ravensheugh, and back through the woods to the car.

On the way home I went into the village to make the Saturday morning purchase of eggs for the Sunday morning breakfast, and, amid a hailstorm, on to the village shop for the newspaper.  When I came out of the shop, an elderly lady was bemoaning the fact that the seat of her mobility scooter was like a small swimming pool.  "Look what I've got to sit on.  I'm going to get a wet bottom" she said, trying to wipe the water away with a small plastic bag.  I offered to go and find something in the car for her to sit on.  I reached the car and turned round to see her heading off down the street, standing up on her scooter, like a Roman charioteer!


  1. What a great image, I hope we're all like that when we need mobility scooters. The weather here is having a dampening effect on everyone, but I went for a good stinking walk yesterday in the beech woods. I ended up pretty wet but the acid green of the new leaves and striking colour of the bluebells cheered me up no end. Today I've hitched a bunch of wild garlic leaves from a nearby hotel, as they were the only source I've found so far. I'm hoping to make wild garlic pesto for the first time, which I might add to our homemade pizza tonight. I think on days like these fresh air and baking can really help to cheer us up.

    Dipping in and out of your posts is lovely, looking forward to reading more and hope you have a great week ahead, Antonia x

    PS You won't find any updated posts on my blog as I'm taking a step back from it.

  2. Lovely to hear from you - as always! I can imagine that walk through the beech woods - the leaves are such a delicious colour. I am going to a bluebell wood on Wednesday with the plant survey team. I am hoping the bluebells will be in flower - its been so cold over the last week. I am used to enormous woods of bluebells from my Hampshire origins, picnics, nightingales singing and warm May days. It's been a bit different up here and I haven't found a good bluebell wood yet, so fingers crossed the Wednesday expedition will be a good one! I will do a post if it is!! Have a good bank holiday - hope the sun shines for you tomorrow - and all week too, of course! A x