Sunday, 24 May 2015

Out and about

A Sunday morning visit to another garden nursery, this one on the edge of the village.  It's set in an old walled garden.  In their heyday walled gardens, and their glasshouses, must have been fabulous places, providing an enormous range of vegetables, salads, fruit and flowers for the big house.  Now all that's left are the old espalier fruit trees, still growing with their arms outstretched along the garden walls.
I bought a Japanese Anemone, Wild Swan.  Lovely name, lovely plant.

This afternoon Tilly and I went for a beach walk, accompanied by my eldest grandson, who is always good company on a walk!  The lane leading up to the car park is lined on either side, for about quarter of a mile, with sweet cicely.  It creates a profusion of flowers and, here, next to the white of the May blossom, they are a frothy, delicious creamy colour.  
A walk with a boy has to involve climbing a tree.  He was up this beech tree in a matter of seconds,
 and then down again!
The tide was a long way out today, exposing all the rocks, and rock pools.  Lots to see in those!
We walked round the headland on to the other beach.  There's a multitude of different types of rock along this beach.  We were looking for fossils in the rocks.  We didn't find anything specific but there were some interesting rock forms.


  1. Your photos are simply amazing and to be able to walk with you down the lanes, across the fields and along the beach are very life assuring. M.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Messages are always very much appreciated! I am glad you enjoy our walks. I count my blessings every day! Thank you again. A

  2. What amazing rock formations...they remind me of the sculptures you seen done - but of course are far better because they are naturally made. Stunning coast line and the wild flowers are pretty and! Sx

  3. Not long before you can see it all for real! A x

  4. I know I cant wait. So looking forward to seeing you all. xxx