Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday morning walk

Tilly and I walked across new pastures today!  It was lovely.  We started, though, walking through the woodland gardens on the Smeaton Estate, just outside the village.  There is a long thin lake running through the middle of the gardens, home to a few fluffy Greylag chicks and their proud parents!
Then out on to wide open farmland, with swallows skimming over the top of the crops, larks ascending all over the place, and a wonderful sense of space.  That minuscule dot at the top of the photo below is an ascended lark.  
I found a lovely patch of kingcups and some apple blossom and, randomly, a eucalyptus tree in flower!


  1. Such a beautiful sprig of blossom and and gum leaf....delicate!
    Dark skies turning blue..such a wonderful contrast.
    I always imagine myself walking along the tractor furrows in the wavy crops. Screams summer to me. Bliss. Sal xxx

  2. We're inching towards summer, but the air is still very cool! Hopefully it will warm up a bit before our visitors arrive from Melbourne next month! Can't wait! A x

    1. Looking forward to our visit late June. xx