Thursday, 7 May 2015

Today's the day!

Leaning out of bed, I pulled the bedroom curtain to one side, to see what the weather was like. The sky was bright blue and the sun was shining.  However inviting it looked, I wasn't going to get up and go out early today, because I thought Tilly and I would walk home from the polling station in Whitekirk, a couple of miles away.

This is the time of year when seeds are germinating, plants and trees are bursting with new growth and greeness.  Not so the dead field.  I photographed this field on 9 April, and now, 4 weeks later, it looks exactly the same, thanks to the chemicals it was sprayed with earlier in the year.  All the warm weather, the recent rain, which together create a perfect environment for the germination of seeds and encouragement for plants to grow, have done nothing for this field.  I daresay the potatoes under the soil are busy doing their thing, but above ground, in the fresh air and the sunshine, there is nothing.  No food for the foraging bumble bees, and so, ignoring the fluttering Saltires and SNP promotional vehicle driving along the back lane, I went to the polling station knowing that my decision to vote for the Scottish Green Party was absolutely the right thing to do.  
If the bees and butterflies could vote, I think they would be doing the same.
 Mr Gaucho dropped me at the top of this field, to walk home.  I have the world at my feet up here.  It's a fabulous place.
I love a farm track stretching out ahead of me.  It's so inviting, positively beckoning to Tilly and me to walk along and enjoy all the sights and sounds around us.
This is the route which takes us past the coveted shepherd's hut.  I feel a little bemused because the owners have planted a considerable number of young trees (oak, field maple, larch, to name but a few) to one side of their hut which, once grown and mature, will obliterate this lovely view of the sea.  Why would you do that?  Nowt as strange as folk!
The wood surrounding our house has a large number of sycamore trees.  They are not particular favourites but I do enjoy their leaf buds.  Red and green - complimentary colours - which is probably one reason why they appeal to me so much!
The crab apple blossom is now so glorious that I can't resist leaving you with a few more photographs of the tree, on the edge of the field beyond the wood.  Whatever the outcome of today's vote, one thing is for sure, the countryside will look as lovely tomorrow as it does today. We just have to try and keep it that way.  


  1. Transport me there! Looks so inviting! Clean, fresh, wonderful xx

    1. So lucky to have this landscape to ramble in! I just walk around the field edges and there is always so much to see and enjoy! Very blessed, and looking forward to sharing it with you very soon! A xx